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At Vinclum we are a group of licensed psychologists and therapists who provide quality therapy. We help you understand your cognitive and emotional patterns and know how to modify them to live a more enriching and fulfilling life.

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Customized Approach

Instead of doing things the usual way, we have created a system designed around the needs of our patients.

Vinclum Therapy


From family systems to psychoanalysis, we use a range of techniques to explore your emotional, cognitive and bodily resources.


If you prefer to have your sessions from the comfort of your house or want to continue therapy while traveling, we’ve got you covered.

Our Team

Eugenia Espinosa Maurer

Eugenia Espinosa Maurer

Specializing in Clinical Psychology
col. 18602

With a vast experience working with adults and teenagers in the field of clinical psychology. She works with individual, couples, family and group therapy supporting people that manifest different psychological ailments (including anxiety, depression, mourning and other life challenges) in their path to develop their own resources to manage their life in a healthier and richer way. She has also specialised in psychological processes related to migration

She is registered in the Colegio Oficial de Psicología de Cataluña (col. 18602)


Ana Aguilera

Specializing in Systemic family therapy
col. 27749

Ana is a psychologist specialized in Systemic Family Therapy with extended experience with teenagers,
adults, couples, families and groups. Systemic therapy understands that suffering is connected to the
context where we grow and develop, and emphasizes an appreciative and positive view of people and
human processes. Ana uses therapy as a tool to assist its patients to connect with their true self, find their
own resources and connect with the enormous potential that all humans have. Self awareness is a way of
expanding our own freedom.
She works with any kind of manifestation-of-difficulties or human-suffering, like stress, anxiety,
depression, psychosomatic disorders, eating disorders, etc.
She also holds a master’s degree in mental health of immigrants and refugees, and has plenty of
experience working in multicultural environments. She is specialized in respectful parenting.
She can do therapy in Catalan, Spanish, English and French.
She is registered in the Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos con número 27749.

Jess profile picture

Jessica Rose Barnett


Jess has recently gained her Master’s degree in Mental Health: Psychological Therapies in England and is now practising well-being therapy for adults in Barcelona.

She approaches all presenting issues with empathy and promotes confidence, independence and self-compassion in her clients through taking an integrative approach to therapy.

She works to explore and improve relationships with the self and others, and also delivers practical, self-employed coping strategies, which empower clients to reduce their mental stress, improve their psychological well being, and increase resilience in dealing with life challenges.

Therapies Offered

Individual Therapy

Understand your character and behavioral patterns so that they no longer condition your life.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can help identify problematic interactions and increase moments of pleasure and growth.

Family Therapy

Family therapy can help reduce behaviors and emotional problems to help families cope with life-altering events.

Group Therapy

Focused on helping people to resolve their conflicts, rediscover their emotional balance, stimulate their personal growth and enhance their social skills.

Counseling for Expats

Many of us face the daily challenges of living in a different country to the one where we were born and brought up.