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Individual Therapy

Understand your character and behavioral patterns so that they no longer condition your life.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can help identify problematic interactions and increase moments of pleasure and growth.

Family Therapy

Family therapy can help reduce behaviors and emotional problems to help families cope with life-altering events.

Group Therapy

Focused on helping people to resolve their conflicts, rediscover their emotional balance, stimulate their personal growth and enhance their social skills.

Counseling for Expats

Many of us face the daily challenges of living in a different country to the one where we were born and brought up.

Individual Therapy


Life often finds us caught in complex situations in which, no matter what we do, we feel trapped somewhere. Unfulfilling relationships, lack of professional development, or the feeling that we can’t handle a critical situation (such as a break-up in a relationship, moving country, illness or divorce). At times like these it can be very beneficial to see a psychologist and save you, and the people you love, from a great deal of pain and pointless suffering.

Couples Therapy


Overcome the couple crisis!

Your partner can be your most loyal ally or your greatest enemy in life. It is very common for two people who are well intentioned and in love to find themselves trapped in problematic interactions. These interactions can cause an immense amount of suffering for them and their children, if they have any.

Group Therapy

Vinclum Group Therapy

Learn to become aware of your emotions, conflicts, feelings, motivations, behaviors and relationships.

Did you know that one of the most defining things of our lives is the relationships we’ve formed with others? This is crucial in childhood, but it is also important when we are adults. Group therapy is so effective because people feel that they are not alone with their problem, the isolation that many had been subjected to is broken.

Family Therapy

Vinclum Family Therapy

Recover the harmony in your family with our family therapy.

Family is a unique therapeutic aid for a constellation of symptoms. Behavioral disorders, substance abuse and a myriad of other symptoms can be treated by family therapy more quickly and more effectively than individual therapy. In addition, some interactions within families might reinforce undesirable symptoms. By observing all the members of the family interacting, therapists can gain a better understanding about which interactions should be strengthened and which should be avoided by the family members.

Counseling For Expats

Identify which symptoms may be caused by the process of cultural adaptation.

Many of us face the daily challenges of living in a different country to the one where we were born and brought up. Our expectations and the situation we were in prior to the move influence our perception of our situation in our host country. The personal and financial resources we have also buffer or increase the distress caused by the move. However, for everyone involved, moving country is life changing in many ways. We often move without knowing how big an impact this decision can have on our mental health and that of our loved ones

We accompany you as you face complex moments in life.

A therapeutic process can provide a greater sense of competency and self worth.

Anxiety Disorders

Personal Growth

Emotional Attachment Trauma

Gender & Identity Crisis

Cultural Adaptation