Vinclum Psychotherapy

Well-being for you and your loved ones.

Unsatisfactory relationships. Problem behaviors. Grief management. Partner breakups. Vinclum can help.

Vinclum’s therapists help people, couples and families access their own resources to tackle life’s challenges in a healthy way.

Every journey begins with a first step. So take that first step.

Vinclum is a group of licensed psychologists and therapists providing quality therapy to residents of Barcelona and beyond.

Our Approach

Vinclum is a multicultural center located in Barcelona. We offer therapy in English and Spanish so that both locals and foreigners feel welcome. We believe that through attentive and professional therapy we can help you access your own resources to tackle life’s various challenges.

Our Team


Eugenia Espinosa Maurer

Specializing in Clinical Psychology
COL. 18602


Daniel Álvarez

Specializing in clinical psychology
Col. 31819


David Parente

Specializing in integrative and cognitive behavioral therapy
Col. 31446

Learn to listen openly and empathetically.

Therapy for couples. Improve communication and recove complicity.

Individual Therapy

Understand your character and behavioral patterns so that they no longer condition your life.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can help identify problematic interactions and increase moments of pleasure and growth.

Family Therapy

Family therapy can help reduce behaviors and emotional problems to help families cope with life-altering events.

Group Therapy

Focused on helping people to resolve their conflicts, rediscover their emotional balance, stimulate their personal growth and enhance their social skills.

Counseling for Expats

Many of us face the daily challenges of living in a different country to the one where we were born and brought up.

Client Testimonials

We accompany you as you face complex moments in life.

A therapeutic process can provide a greater sense of competency and self worth.

Anxiety Disorders

Personal Growth

Emotional Attachment Trauma

Gender & Identity Crisis

Cultural Adaptation